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Find A Blood Drive Near You

An appointment schedule gives priority to prescheduled donors who keep their appointments and arrive on time. When people schedule and keep donation appointments, they find the donation process smoother and more timely. Knowing who is coming to donate and at what time allows blood drive staff and volunteers to individualize attention for every donor.

Every day, area hospitals are filled with cancer and surgery patients, premature babies, accident victims and other ill and injured people who need transfusions to live. Blood cannot be manufactured; it can only come from donors and because all blood and blood products are perishable, the supply must be constantly replenished.

In addition to the campus blood drives, donors may help their school's score by giving blood at any American Red Cross or Lane Blood Center mobile blood drive or donor center in Oregon. Visit redcrossblood.org to learn about maximizing your donation by giving double red cells .

OSU Campus Blood Drives

Memorial Union Ballroom
or the United Methodist Community Church Center

American Red Cross
Blood Drives

Use our online scheduling system to
find other blood drives near you

or call the American Red Cross at (503) 585-5416 to schedule a Double Red Cell donation.

UO Campus Blood Drives

Erb Memorial Union
Call (541) 484-9111 to schedule to give at an UO campus drive

Lane Blood Center
Blood Drives

Visit the Lane Blood Center site to
find other blood drives near you


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